Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & 

Thought Field Therapy  (TFT)

Sabotage Programs and Limitations

Did you know old programs hidden in the unconscious mind can be the source of emotional baggage and physical symptoms which doggedly follow us throughout our lives? Powerful programs created from distressing experiences can be locked in the subconscious mind and control us from within.


Often without us even realising, they trigger unhelpful behaviours which cause sabotage and self-limitation.

EFT and TFT release old programs without delving deep into the upsetting or traumatic situation. This technique uses physical tapping, gently tapping the body’s meridian points with two fingers to release energy and old patterns that no longer serve. EFT and TFT are offered within a Kinesiology & Energy Therapy Session as needed.

Releasing Negative Emotions

This therapy does not erase the event or experience, but releases the retained emotions around the issue without revisiting it in detail. Once released, the individual can reflect on the experience without traumatic triggers – essentially ‘letting it go’.