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Our Higher Self Holds the Answers - Testimonial

When the opportunity to participate in a QHHT session was presented, I was intrigued, but also a little nervous. In the past, I have tried a number on different paths, all with one common goal – finding my illusive ‘inner peace’. Inner peace is something I had not ever felt, but wanted and needed. I likened it (inner peace) to a feeling I had once coming out of a minor procedure having anaesthesia. Waking up, feeling no pain in my body, and feeling emotionally weightless.

I was nervous, but optimistic about the outcome. I did everything asked and completed all of my homework in preparation to ensure the best possible outcome of the session. The idea that ‘my higher self’ could give me what I needed was absolutely amazing to me. When I heard that, the image came to mind of Dorothy and red ruby slippers. ‘You’ve always had the power my dear; you just had to learn it for yourself.’

In the past, I tried a series of conventional and non-conventional methods to heal a variety of physical and emotional pain, which filled my body, forever - specifically my lower back. Each intervention gave temporary relief from the issues, nothing stuck long-term and the problem would always return with more vengeance than before. I felt like I was always fighting an uphill battle – as if I was always at war with myself and within myself. Fighting an invisible war.

I was so tired of being in constant pain. Being in constant pain changes your perspective on life and well-being. Because I was in pain most of my energy was focused on that. Releasing chronic physical pain from my lower back and hips was one of my goals of the QHHT session.

Chronic irregular and heavy periods were also a major issue I had been dealing with over the last 18 months. Nothing I tried helped ease the frequency and duration of my periods. There was no medical explanation for this issue to add to the frustration. I was in a constant and continual cycle where I felt betrayed by my own body. My body was traumatised by the trauma and I did not think I there was anything I could do I fix that, just accept it. This was just another drain on my energy, another battle putting energy and focus on the negative, rather than positive.

Upon reflection, peace and balance were at the core of what I longed for. In all areas of my life, I wanted and needed balance. I believe this was symbolised brilliantly by my uncontrollable and out of control periods.

I had three pages of very specific questions needing answers in my session. Most of the questions revolved around childhood trauma and the effects on my mind, body and soul. The answers to these questions had previously been denied in human form. Not having answers to the injustices fed a beast, which grew within me. Unanswered questions filled me with self-doubt, self-hatred and worthlessness. I did not feel comfortable in my own skin. I felt invisible in my own life – insignificant and invisible. These feelings were my constant companions, like not very good old friends.  

As I mentioned before, I had a long list of questions I needed and wanted answers to. These questions were ones I had not been able to answer and others refused to answer, but the ones I needed answered most – I felt those questions held the keys to an inner peace I had searched and searched for – but forever denied. These questions played repeatedly in my mind, daily. Almost like an unconscious tape recording always playing and unable to have resolution.

I was so excited by the possibility of having answers to all of my questions.

I felt totally at ease entering into the session because I totally trusted Michelle, knowing she was doing the work my higher self was begging and longing for.

At the conclusion of the session, I had no idea just how much time had passed. I was not sore from laying in the same position for an extended period and I felt rested and peaceful. Usually my body would have been filled with pain, simply from being in one position for a long time. Even being free from pain amazed me.

Initially I could not remember much of anything from the session, only recalling parts, everything was blotchy and small pieces of recollection– but I was not worried. I noticed I had what felt like dried tears on my cheeks, but had no recollection of ever crying.

I was instructed to listen to the recording whenever I needed (the healing part). After listening to the section as instructed – I realised my higher self-had pointed me to exactly the places I needed to go to receive the healing I deserve. While listening to the healing, I also realised during the QHHT session I (my higher self) was able to voice incidents and experiences, which I had not been able to do. I had previously written, but never voiced or spoken the words. It was surreal listening to my own responses – the unanswerable questions were being answered. I could barely believe what my ears were hearing. It didn’t feel real, I never thought it possible.

QHHT was the tool for me to voice what I needed to be heard. Speaking on things that were previously unspoken has been incredibly healing and empowering in itself.

Directly after the session, it felt like my intuition was in overdrive. It felt like it was on a treadmill, and was running faster than I was. It was crazy, but I never questioned what was happening, rather I followed my gut, always trusting in my intuition. Where triggers once were, I saw signs and symbols – no longer fearful of what was brought to light.

Re-listening to the session – initially only after the first hour, (the healing part) gave me some relief from the physical pain and tension in my back. As I lay in the bath listening to the recording, I visualised the healing taking place in my body, releasing the pain and making space all the new possibilities and experiences in my life.

QHHT opened my mind heart to the new possibilities in and for life. It has given me the ability to look beyond the past and to the future. Through this experience, I have learnt a number of things, including – experiences in life are a series of lessons to learn and grow. Before I saw my childhood experiences as negatively defining moments, as a series of events and incidents made to break me. Now I see the gifts I have been given because of these experiences and have purpose in the experiences and they have made me, not purely suffering.

Finding a path forward, I am not as scared of new possibilities – where previously I have been a creature of habit and routine. I no longer want to be confined and constricted by my early experiences in this lifetime. I feel free to do what it is I need to.

I no longer feel like I need to hide, or be invisible. I am not ashamed by the choices I have made and stand by my decisions. One of my most difficult experiences in this lifetime was the decision to heal. For the longest time, I questioned my choice and the harsh reality those decisions brought with, but now I understand and openly acknowledge this was the chosen path, and there was no other way. It all had to play out exactly the way it did for me. Perfectly precise in timing and exactly as it should be, just to be. Nothing more and nothing less. Just is.

Knowing the path I am on is for reason, purpose and trusting it is all for the greater good. I am no longer at war within myself, and as result, my world and my experience in it brings greater peace and acceptance of what is, as well as what was.

Maybe the peace I feel is not by the answers to the pages of questions, but the knowledge and power I have gained through my experience with QHHT. I have more confidence in my own ability to know and do what I need. As a child, my power was always being diminished and taken away – I lived in a place and space, where second-guessing, and questioning self was normal. This followed through into adulthood and up until now, has been extremely difficult to drop, but now I have. My intuition is strong and loud now, and I cannot do anything else but listen.

Almost two months out from the QHHT session, the pain in my lower back and hips is improving every day. I have had regular kinesiology and physio sessions since – I feel like both interventions complement each other, because now I know, my pain is a result of both physical and emotional issues I was holding onto that no longer serve me.

For the longest time, I focused on traditional or non-traditional methods never holistically. QHHT has given me the opportunity to embrace my pain from all angles, giving me the chance of finding the source and solution to the problem. The pain and discomfort has been steadily decreasing. The pain has not been as intense as it once was and I am now able to start building strength in the muscles around my back. Last week I was told by the Physio – my back is 60% better than it was in the last 2 appointments. I am booked in for my first appointment with the Exercise Physiologist. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that would possible, and in such a short space of time. I believe my back is healing and that brings me a massive sense of peace.

Interestingly, now when I get pain – I question ‘why, not why not’? I have learnt there is usually a trigger, which can be emotional or physical. I am beginning to listen to what my body is telling me, and as result, I am able to release the tension I feel. I do not feel the need to hang onto the pain in my body, and it leaves. A major mind shift, which has taken me by surprise, and is very welcomed.

Another major turning point, in my thinking and way of being came after one of my regular ‘back pings’. I was in pain so I climbed in the bath and listened to the recording from my QHHT session (the healing section). As I listened to the words being spoken in the recording, I focused on releasing the pain and tension around my lower back. I liken the experience to mediating, the only difference – I am in the bath. The bath is one of my safest places. I have always protected when I am surrounded by water.

After listening to the recording, the pain had left my body.

My periods have also become less frequent and a little lighter. This is a relief, both emotionally and physically. I feel as if my body is healing, inside and out. Releasing the emotional trauma around adverse childhood experiences and memories has also given my physical being the break it needs.

It feels like QHHT has short-circuited some of the emotional trauma, memories and triggers associated with my childhood trauma and experiences. While I acknowledge the past, I am no longer living in it. There is a lot more space between then and now. Everything seems less emotionally charged. Friends have commented on the shift they have noticed in me, which feels wonderful.

In the last week, I have discovered ‘joy’ in creating. Historically, I have used art making as a therapeutic release. It was and has been a necessity for survival of my essence and soul.

I have always used art as therapy, unconsciously.  

Through art making and creating, I was able to express the previously repressed and suppressed. Art making has been the vehicle to voice what I could not put in words. In a way, I began to resent my gift, because I had used it to express so much pain and hurt. This is difficult to acknowledge, but I felt like I bastardised a gift. Before QHHT there was no joy in creating.

Discovering the ‘joy’ in art making has been exciting and unexpected. I have now completed a series of illustrations for a children’s book, which was written by a friend. I have had this as a project to complete for around 2 years. The issue was I felt I could not do it. I cannot explain why, I just could not do it.

In the last week, while completing this project, I made the realisation, of not ‘doing it’ for any other reason than wanting to, not needing to! This was massive in itself, but added to this, I never questioned my own ability or skill level in creating each page for the picture book. I have forever dreamed of becoming a children’s book illustrator – maybe now this will become my new reality!

I now regularly take timeout to listen to and reflect on the happenings of life and lessons offered.

I regularly listen to my QHHT session and find new and undiscovered insights each time I re-listen. I can hardly believe I have been given this perfect gift, but it has happened. I believe and trust in my own ability to do whatever it is I need. I have a lot more energy than I did before, perhaps because I am not fighting against everything, rather going with it – trusting I will get to where I need to be, in perfect timing.

TD, 2019