Health in Balance


Kinesiology is the science of energy balancing.

My aim is to balance the ‘cause’ rather than the symptoms of the dis-ease in the body. Within the human body, every aspect from organ to cell has a natural order and balance that, when disturbed, can create dysfunction or dis-ease.


Imbalances can occur as a result of injury, negative emotions, experiences or belief systems and can be seen through a range of indicators, for example pain, shock, anxiety, or allergies.

Optimal Conditions for Healing

Kinesiology uses simple muscle testing techniques to access biofeedback about your physical, emotional/mental and biochemical health. Each person's body has innate knowledge of what it requires for optimal health. I work with clients to access this knowledge, and follow the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to make the necessary corrections in line with their goals.

When the physical, emotional/mental and biochemical elements are balanced, the body has the ideal conditions to heal and support you to make powerful and lasting change. 

* Kinesiology does not diagnose any medical conditions, named diseases, or prescribe medications.


Session Information

Before Session

You will be asked to complete an intake form before the session to maximize session time. This will be emailed or sent to you.

In Session

In session we discuss your needs and goals. These may be addressing pain or fatigue, reducing stress responses, improving relationships or performance at school, work, or sports, or any other issue you wish to change.

Once the session goal is established, clients lie fully clothed on a massage table and I use precise muscle biofeedback to identify what the body needs to be in balance.

Corrections vary according to the individual.

End of session

At the end of the session, goals and initial indicators are reassessed. Most clients report feeling relaxed, revitalized and ready to maintain their goal! 

* Kinesiology does not diagnose any medical conditions, named diseases, or prescribe medications.