Irlen Syndrome Warning Signs

The following is a list of symptoms associated with a visual processing problem in individuals who experience visual processing difficulties, commonly known as Irlen Syndrome. If you or your child exhibit many of the following characteristics, you may wish to book an appointment with a local provider.

distorted text, be informed


Reading behaviour

Do you or your child:

  • avoid reading?

  • dislike reading?

  • prefer reading in dim lighting?

  • have difficulty with comprehension?

  • become easily distracted?


When reading out loud do you or your child:

  • skip words or re-read words and/or lines?

  • read word-by-word?

  • misread words?

  • read slowly, or with hesitation?


When reading do you notice/does your child complain:

  • the print seems to move or even disappear?

  • of stomach-aches or feeling dizzy?

  • the page seems too bright or glary?

  • of headaches or sore eyes?

  • of blurry print?

Complete a self-assessment here: IRLEN SELF TESTS

Information sourced from the Irlen Institute International

Written Work

Do you notice:

  • an inability to write on the line, writing up or downhill?

  • unequal spacing?

  • errors in copying?

  • inconsistent spelling of the same word?

  • misaligned numbers in columns?


Body Language

Do you or child:

  • move or squirm when concentrating?

  • shade the page?

  • move his or her head across the page?

  • use a finger or marker when reading?

  • blink a lot, blink very little if at all, squint, open eyes wide, rub eyes?

  • vary the distance from the page?

  • become very sleepy?

  • become restless and lose concentration?


Gross Motor Skills

Does your child have:

  • poor coordination/seem clumsy?

  • problems with balance?

  • difficulty catching a ball?

  • difficulty judging distances?

  • poor depth perception?

  • problems using escalators or stairs?