A Deadly Cocktail – Betrayal, Persecution and Abandonment

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Are these feelings familiar? Betrayal, persecution, abandonment – this trilogy of imbalances keeps appearing in sessions this year and is a trilogy with a common link.


Bullied, betrayed by a parent, sibling, partner or significant other; where injustice is keenly felt; where we feel repeatedly unheard, and experience being let down. These are often paired with a theme of feeling safer in the sidelines, wanting to be at the sides of a classroom or edge of a crowd, disliking malls and other large gathering of people.

Emotional Radar

Frequently, these individuals have retained their intuitive ability and have a radar or barometer that ‘reads’ others’ emotional states. This allows them to notice the mood of the room or person even before they have interacted. Many times, this ability has been honed beyond healthy through hypervigilance developed by traumatic experiences. This results in creating an exhausting physical and mental state where the adrenals frequently or permanently keep them in ‘fight or flight’ mode.

A Test for Past Life and Ancestral Experiences.

Repeatedly, these imbalances are linked to past or ancestral lifetimes where betrayal has occurred. Generally, what is revealed are lifetimes of betrayal and persecution. While there can be many reasons for the persecution, there is a common theme of healers who have been persecuted. This often corresponds with certain occupations in this lifetime that appeal to 'givers’– natural therapists; energy therapists; medical professionals and para-professionals; welfare workers; community, equity and social justice representatives; teachers; psychics, etc. This list is not exhaustive by any means.

The Danger in Healer Lifetimes

This lifetime, this current timeframe is one of the few historically where it is safe to be a healer. To know that we are not going to be executed for healing. A persecuted healer’s energy does not know this – it contains the coding of trauma and betrayal – the memory of every lifetime ever lived. Male, but mostly female, lifetimes of misunderstanding or living where others were threatened by the abilities of healers resulting in religious, political or social persecution. Witch trials, punishment if advice given was unpalatable, or if an individual treated someone whose life path was to die at that point regardless of therapy, religious reforms, jealousy, and so on.

Our wounds need to come to our attention for us to know what we have the ability to heal, and this is generally through feeling the emotions that relate to the wound.


Is it a surprise then, to learn that when we set up this lifetime – and we all do – that we have given our Higher Self the task of recreating experiences that remind us of the imbalances? Further, that we have agreed with others’ Higher Selves to bring certain experiences to us to help us in this remembering? Quite shockingly for most of us, is the awareness that we are not victims but co-creators, with our Higher Selves working at a metaphysical level for our growth and evolution. (If you are interested in understanding this further, Colin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness is an enlightening read.)

Other Reasons for Victimisation

Again, as difficult as it may be for some to believe, we regularly interact with people we have strong energetic connections with. Whether loving or as our nemesis. The first is much easier to relate to- the second can take a little more to grasp. Many times, when tested, we discover that we may have been playing a tit-for-tat game throughout lifetimes. One life time our nemesis has the power and abuses it, and the next we have power over our nemesis - and abuse it. Or this lifetime may be to correct an injustice where we need to step into our energetic power and create a healthy boundary. The scenarios are vast and varied and all create a different perspective on our experience.

Never Alone

The other commonality in challenging lifetimes where we have set ourselves up for significant learning and healing is the level of support from the angelic realms and our guides, more so than in what past-life regression therapist Dolores Canon refers to as ‘digging potatoes’ lifetimes, or the resting lifetimes some of us have chosen to enjoy what it is to be human.

One of the greatest illusions we have created on Earth is the belief that we are alone. Energetically, we are never alone.

We can feel this connection in so many ways. Here are a few to try if it feels safe and resonates with you:

  • Through meditation or simply closing our eyes, we can ‘see’ or feel our gold or silver cord connecting us to our Higher Self and Source.

  • We can visit ourselves at any age – hug, love, and give thanks to our inner child, adolescent or adult for the experiences they have gone through to, helping us to become aware of what it is we are here to heal.

  • Visualise the golden-white spark at the centre of your heart. This is the energy you brought into this lifetime. Breathe in a notice the spark glow more brightly, breathe out and watch it expand. Continue until the entire body is filled and surrounded with this energy. Relax and feel the infinite love and compassion of Source flowing through the body.

  • For the more science minded, reflect on the atomical structure of us, everything around us and the universe itself. All is formed of atoms – vibrating particles of energy. When we understand this, we acknowledge that there are no boundaries that can separate energy. For how is the air (made of atoms) separate from our physical body (also comprised of atom)?

Hidden Patterns

As mentioned above, our energy also contains our coding – epigenic and energetic. For those with this betrayal pattern there may also be a litany of limiting sabotages or reversal patterns embedded to subconsciously protect from the dangers experienced in other lifetimes:

  • It isn’t good for me to get over this problem [because I might die].

  • It isn’t good for others for me to get over this problem [because my family’s lives may be threatened or they might die].

  • I have a fear of getting over this problem.

  • It isn’t possible to get over this problem.

  • I have unique blocks to getting over this problem.

These are some of the programs that keep us ‘stuck’ in certain cycles or beliefs, the triggers that return us to ‘comfortably uncomfortable’ – and they can be changed.


2021 is evolving into the year to release past limitations, as we move beyond 2020, the Year of Vision.

With eyes open, we have the ability to rewrite our history, to bring the divine feminine and masculine into balance within both women and men, as we heal and release karmic imbalances collected over lifetimes.

We no longer need live our past.

Heal, release, and step into our Divine and infinite possibility.

Love and light


Michelle Cowles

Kinesiologist / QHHT Practitioner / Energy Therapist

Copyright Lakeside Kinesiology 2021

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