Autumn - the Season to 'Let it Go'

Autumn; when the trees tell us how lovely it is to let things go. Anon.

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The season is truly underway, the evenings are cooling, and as we again wrap ourselves in blankets, our focus becomes more contemplative. What does it mean to ‘let things go’? Perhaps we are holding onto ideas, beliefs, flawed core values, relationships, even objects, that no longer serve our highest good. In this season of harvest, we review what we have grown and congratulate our choices. We also take this time to identify what we will sow and how we will nurture our next crop.


Evaluation is a useful tool to identify what we want more of and that which we want less of. It is something we use in a professional capacity regularly, yet it can equally be applied to our personal growth.

When we understand what we focus on we develop and grow, it is abundantly clear we do not want to be focusing on negative aspects in our lives. In fact, one of the most powerful tools we have is to take our attention away from the things that are not in our highest good.

Easier said than done!

Some will say that is much easier said than done (me included sometimes!). Yet once we have a willingness to change a pattern that is no longer serving, such as worry for example, we are in the right place to end our negative focus. This becomes easier when we take a moment to consider what worry offers:

  • Consumes minutes, hours, days or even a lifetime of thinking about all the negative things that could happen.

  • Can manifest anxiety, anguish, depression, etc, and rob us of sleep.

  • Does not influence or change an outcome.

  • Time and emotional energy spent on an event or events that may or may not eventuate.

  • Robs our attention from focusing on things we can change, and prevents us from appreciating the moment.

So when we look at the list, it is clear that worry, like its friends anger, resentment, regret and bitterness; is a thief. It takes our attention away from joy and pleasure in the moment. Think of how all the time spent worrying about something that in all likelihood did not eventuate could have been better used!

Ready to get practical

Now we are clear on what it is we are letting go of we can apply specific techniques to clear this unhelpful pattern. New thought patterns can be created and supported with specific acupressure points, affirmations, exercise and compassion to self.

Traps ahead

Beware sitting in regret. Once we identify our new crop, it is not necessary to continue to focus or regret the failed crops of our past. We need every experience to learn and grow from. Just like a child, we cannot know what it is we need to learn differently until we actually learn it. As we would not judge a child for learning in their own time, we must not judge ourselves either. This self-criticism and judgment keeps us focused on the past and that is not where growth occurs!


Sometimes our ego/mind can create such overwhelm that we need further support to relax, let unhelpful thoughts go and to move forward. If after trying [these] techniques to release worry, make an appointment to change unhelpful patterns.

Love and light


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