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Updated: Jun 19, 2018

The use of crystals for their healing powers is not new. The world over, crystals have been used by ancient cultures and since ancient times to clear, align and transform energy, spirit and physical well-being.

quartz crystal
Clear quartz crystal

Modern science recognises the innate energy in crystals which we already use for a range of physical purposes. For example, small quartz crystals are used in our watches to regulate time and form electronic elements in computers and smartphones. This capability is supported by research into the atom – the matter that forms the universe and our world within it.

Atoms comprise of particles held together by energy.

Atoms never stop moving, even those that are arranged to form solids. Research into the atom has led us to understand that all objects – even solid objects like a house or an eyelash- are really only

vibrations of energy. Crystals and the human body are also made of atoms: energy arranged in specific form.

magnet with filings

Crystals, like magnets, attract or repel energy. When we place crystals on the body, our energy can be transformed, vibrating and pulsing in harmony with the energetic properties of the crystal.

The Versatility of Crystals

Crystals often come up in kinesiology balances and can be used to reduce anxiety, address migraines, and release tension. They can also be used to support meditation, balance chakras – the various capabilities of crystals and stones used in a range of ways are boundless.

3 Fundamental Uses of Crystals

Three essential ways healing crystals can transform energy and resolve imbalance include:

Clearing or cleansing – Specific crystals such as jet, obsidian and tourmaline have the ability to absorb and remove certain types of energy from our body. As a magnet attracts and draws negative energy like metal shavings, crystals attract and remove certain types of energy from our body.

Energising – By inducing the resonant frequency our bodies require, crystals and stones can also energise the body, mind or spirit. In the way electricity conducts and transfers energy into an object, a crystal can draw energy from the quantum field and send it into our energy field.

Balancing – Consider the patterns in nature and even the alignment of our own bodies. Each is aligned in a mirrored pattern. Sometimes our energy becomes misaligned or unbalanced, leaving us feeling frazzled or anxious, for example. Specifically chosen healing crystals can be used to attract and repel energies to correct imbalances and return us to realignment.

How can Crystals be applied?

Wear them – put a stone in your pocket, tuck a crystal near your heart space, enjoy crystal jewellery (earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces). Wearing certain crystals can help balance your energy throughout the day. Just like taking a vitamin, wearing a crystal or a stone is like a vitamin tablet for your energy.

ancient egyptian necklace crushed crystal
Ancient Egyptian necklace made of crushed crystal circa 332-30 BC courtesy of the Smithsonian Institute

Meditate – ancient stones and crystals contain a vast amount of information. Consider, a quartz crystal can contain as much data as more than 20,000 iPhones. When we sit with crystals and quieten our minds through meditation, we create optimal conditions to be open to life changing insights.

Crystal healing grid - Laying out specific types of crystals and stones in a predetermined pattern can be used for a range of purposes. Different patterns can be used to receive and transform energy and have been used as an ancient technique for healing for thousands of years.

Add them to your sleeping space – continue to allow crystals to heal the subconscious mind while we sleep. Place crystals under the pillow, under a mattress protector or on the bedside table. Applying crystals while we sleep can address the hurdles created by our rational mind. Notice how crystals encourage dreaming and support us to be ready to address issues in our lives.


Crystals collect vibrations and when other people touch your crystal they will leave an energetic imprint. To clear your crystal and make it yours remove any stored vibration first. It is also important to recharge your crystal after using it for some time or after using it for healing. This can be done a number of ways:

Sea Salt

· Bury your crystal in a container of sea salt and leave for 1-3 days.

· Dissolve 2 or 3 dessertspoons of sea salt in a bowl containing 3 cups of water and submerge crystals for 1 – 2 days.

Rinse crystals with filtered water, dry and reuse.


Use Native American smudging sticks made of cedar and sage to gently clean crystals. Pass the crystal through the smudge stick smoke several times, ensuring the crystal is surrounded by the smoke. This is the preferred method for cleansing jewellery and delicate crystals.


Leave crystal under moonlight (full moon is best) to clear and recharge.

Crystals can create powerful state changes.

Crystals you are drawn to will generally be beneficial - trust your instincts. However, also be aware of the affect your chosen crystal is having and remove if the reaction is too strong. If in doubt, energetically test which crystal to use, where to place it and how long to use it. This can be done in clinic or through a Facetime or Skype session.

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