Death and Beyond

Death is one of the most un-discussed topics we have.


Fear of the unknown, a lack of trust in the Divine Life cycle, or forgetting who we are and our commitments to this life plan perhaps. Regardless of the reason for avoiding the topic, nothing is more certain in life than death.

Life is a journey and its ending inevitable. Photo by Tolga Ulkan on Unsplash.

As we enter a physical life, so must we exit. Exploring death in Past life regressions suggests how and when we die is usually pre-determined to varying degrees before we commit to a lifetime.

A physical body is an opportunity to evolve the soul, to have the whole spectrum of experiences - both joyful and not because each has value. It is also a means to love and support one another, to be the love we are, and to evolve mass consciousness. I could sugar coat this blog, but I don’t think it serves to continue to shield us from what is. If this reading evokes pain, emotional or physical, please seek support from a counselor and then make an appointment with a kinesiologist or energy healer to release the pain from the body at a cellular and spiritual level. So with that said, here goes…

The greatest purpose is our spiritual progress, that is the growth of all of humanity – mass consciousness. Our growth and evolution are paramount as we move along the continuum establishing and re-establishing balance between light and dark, Yin and Yang, the Divine Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

Between Lives

In between physical lives we rest, recuperate, learn, assess, plan, develop, or even progress our spiritual selves by supporting others in a physical form while we ourselves are energy/formless.

We do not generally recollect this activity once in a physical form and can become focused on the illusion of the lifetime being experienced, forgetting that how and when we step out can occur for many reasons. What follows are a range of reasons dealt with in clinic, however, I'm sure there are other reasons/scenarios so this is not an exhaustive list.

The Preferred Exit

The most preferred conclusion is having reached a point where we have achieved enough of what we set out to do. Many will see this as our ideal transition – a body that is old and withered, a spirit that is content, wise, and ready to move on from a life well lived.

Dead tree, sun and landscape
Photo by Kim Teves on Unsplash

Achieving Life Purpose

Yet there are many other reasons why a person’s life ends when it does.

Death may occur when our specific life purpose has been achieved. This could be having attained a specific lifetime goal or rectified certain past life imbalances. Note: It does not necessarily follow that having attained certain goals means death is imminent as we have much to offer others when we have grown from difficult experiences.

‘Premature’ Death

Achieving purpose can occur at any stage. Sometimes a child or person may die seemingly prematurely, leaving those who love them confused and distraught. This is a very natural part of the grieving process and those left behind deserve our love and support. Yet, when we move beyond the physical into the metaphysical realm, we can discover the reason for the loss.

Some of the reasons for loss can be when:

· the young person was a soul working with another, to teach love and challenge growth beyond grief, loss, or abandonment.

· they were a soul family member here to support for a short while in this lifetime before moving on to where they are needed more.

· they have metaphysically chosen to use their death to highlight inequity or injustice.

· attention is being drawn to a physical or spiritual imbalance in the parent – this sounds odd but consider a still birth or similar. Often this event will draw focus to a physical problem and usually a spiritual imbalance around the Divine Feminine reflected in reproductive organs. This is often closely connected to a significant history of endometriosis, etc and whose child has acted as an energetic support.

· there is a need to return to energetic form to contribute in other ways towards the development of mass consciousness.

In our sorrow, the passing can seem so senseless and grief overwhelming. Seek support and then seek to understand the metaphysical. Our children are complete souls in a young body. They are here for a life purpose, just as we are. Our role is to love them, believe in them, and trust in their own life plan. As difficult at it might seem to accept, everything is always working out.

Connected Death

Older people looking at the sea
Our connections matter. Photo by K Grabows on Unsplash

From time-to-time people who are close to one another will both die within a short space of time. This can be previously agreed to, it can be because of the closeness they have created in this lifetime (and perhaps other lifetimes), it can be caused by unhealed abandonment (there is such a thing as dying of a broken heart), or it can relate to co-dependency they are not yet ready to work on.

There is always so much more going on than we are aware of in the physical – we can trust that their exit was the right time for them.

Death Following Illness

Death from illness can be one of the most difficult life experiences for loved ones to accept. Still, it can relate to the culmination and escalation of the body’s messages. Our Higher Self will use illness to get our attention to the imbalances we are running. Yet this is not the only reason we manifest or are born with illness or different ability. We can choose a lifetime with a physically limiting illness or different ability to learn resilience. It is lifetime that offers the individual to learn to accept help from others, possibly balancing another lifetime where we have been excellent givers but not so good at receiving. It may also be an illness or disability we choose to have at a specific age or stage in our life to further progress our development in this lifetime. Everything in balance.

Stepping Out

Whether through illness or by our own hand, death can be a way to exit where life has become too heavy with sadness, fear, anger (or any of a range of low emotions) or the soul can no longer see potential for growth in this lifetime. There is no race, no competition to reach certain growth points in this or any lifetime. If we don’t achieve something listed on our Divine Blueprint / Soul Plan, we will carry it forward into another lifetime. We are very ambitious as energy, forgetting just how difficult it can be to manage the heaviness of a physical life. Our Higher Self never judges us and so we don’t need to either. We grow and resolve imbalances in exactly the right timing for us, Divine Timing.

Another challenging scenario is prolonged dying. Creating a lengthy exit can be the manifestation of fear, a misguided belief in sin; fear of retribution; fear of what comes next; stuckness; or it may reflect our inability to stand in our own power. Life past 81 is karmic, where if we have missed many opportunities for growth we return to a childlike state.

The joys of sharing our wisdom. Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Our latter years can also reflect the growth we have made in this lifetime, where we are invited to step into our wisdom, and to share this wisdom with others.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

One of the most difficult ways for those who love us to accept loss is of dying and returning to our energetic form at the hands of another. Sometimes we are simply part of the outcome of another’s life experience like the burning of a village, a shooting, or even cataclysmic earth events such as a volcano or landslide. Other times, our unhealed past lives / ancestral lines / childhoods can contribute to creating situations where we place ourselves in jeopardy. This is done always with the hope that we will develop what is needed, creating the ability to develop better boundaries and outcomes. Be assured that each time a soul ‘pops out’ of the physical body, there is an understanding that this was just one of many lifetimes and that those we love will join us in a relatively short space of time. When we are infinite, a lifetime passes in a blink.

Other Roles

statue of angel
Energetic guides. Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash.

Regardless of age at the time of death, sometimes a person will transition to the non-physical to act as an energetic guide or guardian for another still in the physical. In this way, the person who has died continues to support a loved one while growing as a spiritual being.*

Working with Others

As mentioned, not only do we choose the parameters of what it is we wish to achieve or desire within this lifetime, we co-operate with other energies to gain mutual achievement. It may be that we will love and support someone in the physical to a point predetermined. It may be that they require growth in loss or abandonment and part of their life plan is to discover this through physical loss of their loved one. As energy, we are selfless and forgiving. We are willing to play whatever role another needs, sometimes without requiring anything in return.

Regardless of the reason, these truths are echoed again and again in past life and energetic sessions:

Our life plan is never to reside in grief for a loved one until we step off this planet. Every energy passed over gives the same message to the loved ones they leave behind:

You are loved, you are love, you are never alone, and we will meet again.

There is always a deep desire to be remembered with joy by focusing on beautiful memories and for their loved one to return to joy at the right time.

From Grief to Joy

Grief is a natural state and response. It is not meant to be a condition permanent. Metaphysically, prolonged grief is a low vibration that hampers the evolution of both. Deep grief and sacrificing our joy is not warranted nor wanted by the loved one.**

All with love.

We are One

We can release the illusion of separation.

Energy lives on indefinitely. Like our loved ones, one day we too will leave the physical and return to the energetic. In the meantime we can still access the energy of a passed loved one to gain a message. To do this, use intent and meditate to allow their energy to communicate. We can also use a deck of cards or a book to gain a message. Hold the cards to your heart and ask for a message, then let the first card that shuffles out or page number that pops into your head be the answer.

Sand lakeside kinesiology message
What a gift it is to know sorrow, for through loss we learn the power of love endures beyond the physical.

Love is infinite.


Michelle Cowles

Kinesiologist / QHHT Practitioner / Energy Therapist

Copyright Lakeside Kinesiology 2021



If this article has raised unresolved issues, there are a range of organisations that can support you:

· Lifeline 13 11 14

· Beyond Blue 1300 224 636

· Find more support services on the Your Mental Wellbeing website

If you need help now or are in immediate danger to yourself or others, call 000 or

Lifeline on 13 11 14.


* This is an energetically unfettered relationship where the guiding energy is operating from love and not from fear. Not to be confused with an imbalanced energetic attachment.

** Again, any desire for sacrificing of joy is based on unhealed energy, an energetic manipulation of sorts. See an energetic healer to release and restore balance.

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