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We are each on a path to discovery, to understanding, to fully living. At this time, as a collective, we are being prompted to heal our fears and limiting behaviours to move forward and fully live our lives. How do we know this?

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash
Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

Our higher self will always show us what we need through our emotions and physical symptoms. Pleasant emotions and good health encourage us to do more of the same, confirming we are on the right track. Uncomfortable emotions, pain and dis-ease are a signal to stop, assess, redirect and re-balance. This ease and dis-ease pattern is not limited to the individual.


Our current #stayhome experience invites us to consider the health of the global collective – a part of the mass consciousness to which we each belong and contribute. A country can be seen as a living organism where the well-being of the nation is an indicator of that country’s health. How can a country be healthy when a large percentage of its population are used for labour on meagre incomes for the benefit of other wealthier countries? How can this population feel safe and secure – a fundamental need for us all? And if this population’s basic needs are compromised it is easy to conclude that the higher elements on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs certainly aren’t being met. This country – like a physical body, will manifest dis-ease to draw attention to the imbalances. Interesting, isn’t it?


We know we can only change our selves through our own beliefs and behaviours, so the question is, how can we as individuals create change?

leaves changing colour
Change - Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash


As humans, our ability to look within and recognise our divine spirit is our true essence. For centuries, the tide has move backwards and forwards, endeavouring to bring balance into life on Earth. This ebb and flow has been evidenced through the dichotomies of war and peace, abuse and respect, hate and love. Where those who take pleasure from low vibration emotions seek to cause disruption and mayhem to circumvent the potential of peace within the individual and all of humanity. This balance, peace, is a birthright. It is why we seek to clear karmic debt at this time. Clear it. Lift awareness of the impact of our actions, restore balance and allow for individual and mass consciousness to rise and evolve.

Reverence for all things.

We, like everything we see, hear, touch, feel and smell, have a divine meaning, a purpose, and are intricately connected to something greater than ourselves. As individuals and as a collective we are all part of the process of ever increasing evolvement. When we understand this, our own accountability becomes crystal clear. We can blame others for the state of our lives, our country, the world, or we can move beyond blame and consider the impacts of our own actions. Our actions have reactions that affect not only ourselves but the world around us. We choose our words, our thoughts, our habits, our actions. When we lift our vibration and make good choices, we effectively lift our experience and the world around us. It all starts with one.

We matter and our choices matter - Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Deeper. You are not finished. You are not yet done.

Dig deeper.*

Yes, this time of self-isolation can be lonely, hectic, chaotic, boring… but what if we use it as an invitation for self-reflection and take a little of this time to consider our own lives, those we love and what really matters.

Finally, please be safe. Follow necessary protocols and see your doctor if you have any concerns. You are a blessing.

Love and light


Kinesiologist/Energy Therapist

*Andres Engracia

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