Facing the Shadow Self & Karmic Debt

We haven’t always lived lives of love and light.

The Shadow Self is a valid part of us - will you dare to look? Image by Ahmet Salil on Unsplash

Are you experiencing disturbing dreams, sleep paralysis, or feeling the heaviness of guilt or shame? If so, you aren't alone: all sorts of unpleasantness is rising to the surface at this time.

To forgive is Divine yet most of us have lived many lifetimes when we were more in favour of ‘an eye for an eye’.

Any review of current news will reveal that heaviness is rising to the surface, hidden ills and injustices that will no longer be hidden. It is no different for us and it is a much needed path to enable the unhealed to be transformed and for us to move on.

The human experience is vast and complex.

A Life Plan

As energy before a physical life, and even in human form, we desire to know all emotions – to try experiences, roles. This is one of the joys of being human. Our emotions and actions are not meant to define who we are – they are opportunities for us to learn grow and evolve.

In the non-physical space, before we came into this lifetime, we worked with our soul family and teachers to create a plan for our lifetime. A framework if you will. In this plan we decided what we wanted to experience, including which wounds we would like to heal, and we made agreements to exchange experiences with other souls.

Heart light
We are infinitely powerful co-creators of our Life Plan/Soul Contract. Image on Pixabay

Our Ego would like to think it is all about us.

It is not.

Metaphysically, we may have chosen a partner to help us learn to create boundaries, who agreed to help us by ignoring our need for boundaries.

So what is in it for them?

Perhaps they needed to learn to respect boundaries and by acting as the offender they co-create an opportunity for their own growth.

Consider this: if we need someone to help us create a negative experience to invite us to heal and choose something better for ourselves, they risk creating karmic debt.

Why would a soul choose to create karmic debt for another?

When I work in Past Life Regression, in the space between Death and Life, we know that we are one energy with all. When we need a parent to recreate a wound (to help us remember what we seek to heal and show us our strengths), we ask other souls to play that role for us. Some will respond with love but ‘no’ because the debt it will create is too far from their soul plan. Other energy, often from our soul family, will say yes, even if it means creating karmic debt – all from love and the desire to help advance our progress.

Further, when the life is lived, we once again meet as energy. We then acknowledge that they played their role so well we forgot how much love they had for us, and how this forced us to lean into the suffering we needed to grow.

And vice versa.

The Shadow Self

So, most of us on Earth at this time have lived lives where we have been the ‘cause’ of wounds. We have committed crimes, caused suffering and hurt others for a range of reasons.

Let that sink in.

woman in shadow
Our Shadow Self can be confronting but is nothing to fear. Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

This part of us forms the Shadow Self - imbalanced darkness that has had a valid and needed role to play. Again, remember that there is exchange in every relationship transaction. We may also be simply repeating pain until we recognise we are the only ones who can change our experience. When we hold this truth in the physical, we move beyond the illusion of guilt, shame, resentment and bitterness.

This allows us to break free of our Egoic patterns, step off the Karmic Wheel that works according to the universal law of humanity creating its own suffering, and evolve.

Releasing Karma

For those unfamiliar with the Karmic Wheel of The Great Universal Law, we can think of it as the energy that binds us to low vibration experiences. In this law we are told not to ask others for deliverance but to look within. It tells that we are the only ones responsible for our ‘joy and woe’, meaning what we focus on, we create. We ‘lift our lot or sink it lower than low’. This law makes it clear that we are not bound to the invisible wheel of suffering but with our will we can choose to release ourselves from the loop that pays ills with pains. When we recognize that each are on their trajectory of growth, that all our pains and grievances contain the wounds we seek to heal, the debt no longer holds.

Through compassion and love for all we are paid with bliss.

Forgiveness - it isn't always what you think it is

In our quest for evolution, we understand forgiveness is the path to releasing ourselves from suffering, - and the greater part of forgiveness is being able to forgive ourselves.

Can you forgive yourself?

Forgive yourself for setting up suffering in a lifetime for your greater growth? Forgive yourself for participating in others’ suffering for their growth?

Yes, the path has been arduous, and once you recognize the metaphysical plan and release the illusion of Ego by forgiving, healing, loving and accepting the Shadow Self, it is done.

Release the light within. You deserve it! Image on Pixabay

Sometimes we need support to release, to learn to love the dark side of ourselves in the same way we can love the light, loving part of us. To heal the unhealed and restore energetic balance. If this resonates and you are looking for energy therapy to support your growth, bookings can be made here.


Michelle Cowles

Kinesiologist/Energy Therapist/QHHT® Practitioner

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