Feeling Stuck? Choose Change

“Never assume that you are stuck with the way things are. Life changes every single moment and so can you.” Ralph Marston.

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I have had a few challenges in my lifetime and while I don’t know yours, I do know for certain that we all experience them to varying degrees. When we are caught up in our challenge, particularly when the problem seems unsolvable our minds whirl with what was said, over-analyse an expression, or replay an encounter trying to untangle its meaning. We focus on our hurt feelings and wonder how someone could ‘do this’ and perhaps wonder ‘why me?’

We create the situations we experience.

On this journey called life, we create opportunities to learn and grow. When similar negative events recur in our lives, it is because we have not grown as yet.

Our negative energy attracts like negative energy.

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What do I mean by that? Well, if I am being critical of myself with negative self-talk, I lower my energy. When I lower my energy, I encourage and attract other low energy such as other’s criticism. It is a way of confirming what I already believe.

Still not sure what I mean? Consider the person who experiences recurring friendship dramas – eventually undermining every friendship. The person who chooses the wrong partner again, and again, each relationship doomed like the last. The person who encounters one difficult workplace after the other or the person who repetitively makes sacrifices for others but never receives appreciation in return.

Each of these situations is created as a reflection of the self as we create what we hold in our minds. Anais Nin, the French-born novelist said: “You do not see the world as it is. You see it as you are.”

So our world is like a mirror of our inner selves or inner belief systems.

If we believe the world is a dangerous place, we will look for evidence to prove it. If we believe in pain and suffering, we will find it. If we believe we are victims and undeserving of unconditional love, we will find that too. Each scenario confirms the owner’s belief system and validates their ‘truth’.

But what are beliefs?

These are positive and negative conditioned notions that we hold. Many are established in childhood before our thinking or logic self emerges, some are handed down to us and some arise from our perception of a particular experience. For example, if we experienced a dangerous situation as a child that left us believing the world is a dangerous place, fear is instilled. The pattern of fear is recycled to keep us safe, even when it is not needed and robs us of joy.

It logically follows then, if our thoughts are distorted, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.

Choose Change

Thankfully, thought patterns can be changed. Many would argue that their thoughts are fixed, however, the truth is millions of people have overcome limiting beliefs.

See the challenges we create as an opportunity to inform us about our inner state and one which allows us to make necessary changes in our thinking.


There are many ways to create new thought patterns and raise our internal energy. Kinesiology is a highly effective method that often shifts patterns that are no longer useful in one session. Is it time to unload a thought pattern that is no longer serving you well?

Change is a Choice. Photo by Austin Chan - Unsplash

Change is our choice.

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