Superwoman vs Fighting Fatigue

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

I recently had a discussion about the notion of being superwoman.

You know, the woman who has everything under control – a clean house, ironing neatly put away, home cooked meals eaten at the table, children at school on time, attending after-school activities, weekend sports, a BBQ with friends, children having or hosting sleepovers, completing study, keeping a successful career going (either fulltime or part time), running a business and the list goes on…

It isn't what it seems

Just like we can’t always glean the truth from what is presented in our newsfeeds (who wants to put up all the negative, right?) our public persona can also be a perception.

Here’s the truth:

It comes at a significant cost. To our health, our well-being and as a consequence impacts our families, friendships and work place.

Mental as well as Physical Demands

Statistics support that women still complete the majority of parenting and household management[i]. This includes the day-to-day worries and check-listing to make sure nothing is missed: making sure there is a meal on the table, creating one-on-one time with the child who is needing extra support, being prepared for tomorrow’s presentation and getting that school note in on time. It is no wonder a ‘bone deep’ exhaustion set in.

A Modern Crisis

Approximately 150,000 Australians suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome[ii].

In reality, combining the number of sufferers who have symptoms of fatigue (Chronic or Adrenal) is probably much higher. Regardless of the contention around the diagnosis, medical practitioners agree that a patients who experience this cluster of symptoms benefit from a holistic approach to recovery[iii].

Say Goodbye to Superwoman

What I have learnt is that it is essential to listen to your body - fatigue exists to get your attention after other messages have failed. Have a thorough check-up with a medical practitioner and take the findings to your kinesiologist. There you will find the triggers that created the symptoms, insight into how to correct your fatigue, and be referred to other practitioners as needed. Sometimes a shift in our thoughts offer another perspective - when we can't change others we certainly have the power to change ourselves and that includes the pressures we place on ourselves. It is through listening to our symptoms we are directed to the path of good health and well-being.

Clean-ish. Fed. Loved.

Mums* are commonly the cog that the rest of the family revolves around. Reconsider the external and internal expectations to release ‘could, should, must’ and be ‘selfish’ enough to look after yourself. For everyone’s sake, but especially your own.

Finding Change Difficult?

You aren't alone. Many people struggle with change- envisioning it, creating it.

Don't struggle alone - make an appointment today to clear your mind, create space for new ideas and begin your journey to great health and having time to enjoy life again.

If I made it look easy, forgive me.

You are enough and life is beautiful.


*not exclusively women, but I am reflecting on my experience here.




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