Heart Breathing: A (brief) Meditation for Calm and Clarity

Align heart and mind to reduce brain busy-ness using this brief meditation advocated by Graeme Nicholls, and create the space for your inner self to present solutions to your problems.

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Heart Breathing

Meditate - it's easier than you think

Find a comfortable space where you can relax and close your eyes.

Place your right hand over your heart (a little to the left of the centre of your chest).

Then take deep yet comfortable breaths as you breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. If your mind wanders simply bring your focus back to your breathing. This becomes easier with practice.

Focus on a comfortable rhythm

It isn’t necessary to force breath all the way in or all the way out. Focus on creating a natural and comfortable rhythm. Concentrate on drawing your breath in through your nose and passing down through your heart space, into your lungs and back through your heart space and out through your mouth.

With each breath out, feel tension release from your body as stress evaporates into the atmosphere.

Start to relax.

With each breath, increased oxygen pumps through the bloodstream to every part of your body, supporting and nourishing your body function.

Continue to breathe in through the nose, into the heart space, into the lungs to oxygenate the body. Then breathe out through the heart space, expelling tension and stress out of the mouth. Maintain an even and relaxed rhythm.

Two systems out of Sync

Consider an electro cardiogram creating a picture of the heart rate, represented as electrical pulses which dip and peak.

The electrical current in the brain, too, dips and peaks. Create an image in your mind of the electric waves in the brain. When we feel extreme emotions such as stress, tension, anger or anxiety our brain rhythm peaks and dips erratically.


If we had two monitors; one measuring the heart rate and the other measuring brain activity, we would see 2 erratic graphs, each dipping and peaking without synchronicity.

This state can be balanced. When we breathe through the heart for 2 to 3 minutes, we are returning our mind and body to a state of calm, synchronising our brain activity and heart activity. Balancing ourselves.

In this way we give ourselves clarity of thought that comes not only from the mind but also from the heart.

What does your heart have to say?

Brain busy-ness or overwhelm is caused by overactive ego and underactive capacity to hear what our heart has to say. This is fraught for our wellbeing as within the heart is truth, our inner self, and where knowledge about our passion and purpose in life lies.

Use heart breathing to align the energies throughout our body and create the space for the two elements to work together, creating an opportunity for clarity and solutions to our problems to arise.

To understand this we need to recognise that our heart holds the truth, while the rational brain is dictated by ego. Ego, though acting to protect us can misdirect or misguide. Fear and risk are a prime example of this.

Risk Avoidance or Love Avoidance?

Fear is an important and ancient emotion that has allowed humans to evolve over time. Its function kept us alert to the risk of dinosaurs, lions, tigers and bears. This emotion has not lost its power over time. In a modern context there is little call to fear being eaten alive, however, this powerful emotion continues to act to protect us by controlling perceived risk factors. All very useful if we contemplate carelessly crossing the road into oncoming traffic but not so useful if we need to summon the courage to speak publicly, follow our dreams or take the leap of faith needed to share our true selves in an expression of love. Locking our emotions down out of fear comes at an enormous cost.

please do not feed the fears
Controlling our environment to protect ourselves, also protects us from the very things we desire.

Access your inner resources

When we connect the mind (logic/ego) and heart (passion and truth) through heart breathing, we are able to access a balanced perspective, create clarity and the space for solutions to rise to our consciousness.

Can you find a spare 3 minutes to listen to your inner self?

What are you waiting for, live your best life,


girl holding heart
Balance. You deserve it.

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