Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

The Plot Thickens...

We are all characters in our own story … and in other’s stories. The warrior, the child, the hero, the caregiver, the joker, the rebel, the villain… and the list goes on. When we consider that we create every experience for ourselves (even if on a sub-conscious level) we begin to understand that we are the designers of our own story plotline.

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How does your story go? Image: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It's So Unfair, Why does This Always Happen to Me?

The purpose of creating our experiences, no matter how difficult they may sometimes seem, is to create ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow. This cycle has the capacity to run repeatedly in various forms, until we understand what it is we need to learn.

Soap Operas

Let’s use someone else as an example, it is usually easier to look at someone else’s life! Consider the person who moves from one drama to the next, or the person who seems to determinedly choose a series of unsuitable partners, or the person who sees themselves as a victim and pushes others away to retain their victim status, etc, etc.

These are all examples of our higher self asking to be healed. The drama addict is being invited to let go of distractions and to focus on their needs. The poor choice of partners or friendships is a reflection of what it is we believe we deserve. The victim has learnt this role as a way of getting attention and having their needs met by others. When we recognise these experiences objectively, and recognise the patterns we have created, we begin to see what it is we need to heal.

So take a moment to reflect on your story. What are the patterns, which chapters are asking for attention?

Everyone's a Hero

The truth is we all have the innate ability to meet our own needs, to be the heroes in our own stories. Our inner self understands that we are infinitely worthy of loving and accepting ourselves exactly as we are right now. As learners on the magnificent journey called Life, we are learning and growing in exactly the right timing – no judgement, no criticism, no regrets.

We Are Our Own Authors

When we accept we control our plotline, we also accept responsibility and cease to blame others for life ‘happening to us’. In this model of responsibility lies the key to our freedom. We can change our story if we choose.

Where we fit in other’s stories is up to them.

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And then I realised I was my own Author. Image by Gregory Culmer on Unsplash

If you need help to re-author your story, make an appointment today.

Live your best life,


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August, 2019

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