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Motivation pages are full of strong, inspiring words to shift us from the known to the unknown; off the couch and into a new, more rewarding life. Yet insecurity, self-doubt, lethargy, apathy, excuses and 100s of good reasons not to rock the boat of our known existence keep us from action.

The truth is, for the majority of the population, we will only take action when the emotional, mental or physical pain becomes so bad that we feel we have no other choice.

We wait.

We wait to feel motivated, we wait until fear looks the other way, we wait until self-doubt and insecurity exhaust themselves and let us act.

Fear has an important role in our lives – isn’t its function to protect us? This emotion is valid and necessary when we are in danger, pumping up adrenaline in readiness for fight or flight. Our need to run swiftly from danger or defend our tribe has changed enormously over time, yet this primal reflex still exists. Only now, it offers protection from public speaking, choosing to act independently or take a risk and trust that our intuition is guiding us in the right direction.

A life robbed of joy

While ever we use our constructed limitations to create a ‘safe’, controlled environment we risk losing our ability to act and create joy.

There are times, however, when we have the strength and courage to act despite our doubts and fears. We have the power to act and let our subjective life catch up. ‘You can’t do this! You’ll make a fool of yourself! You’ll only get hurt,’ pass through our minds less frequently when we choose to live life and act beyond fearful limitations.

The limitations we create

A woman undertaking a karate grading once confided she felt fear in her stomach, that her muscles were weakened, and even though she trained relentlessly she was fearful and believed she couldn’t do it. When her Sensei asked, “So you feel fearful?” she agreed. He then instructed her to begin her grading.

“I can’t- I’m afraid.”

“Whatever gave you the idea that fear was a reason NOT to do something?”

A wonderful servant but a terrible master.

Fear can be a healthy sign that we are not ready for something or it can be a terrible master. The only time we get to show our courage is when we are afraid and, providing it is not a mortal danger, perhaps we are ready for the challenge.

When a fearful thought comes up, recognise that it is a part of you that is used to being upset about something, appreciate that it wants to help, acknowledge it but don’t give it importance.

Every day we are given opportunities to face our fears or inertia and act anyway. Take the risk: conquer old habits, express how we feel, explore the joy of living with courage.

Steps to the beach
Just do it. Image thanks to Khahachik Simonia on Unsplash

Just do it.

Let the feelings of fear, insecurity and self-doubt fade in the cloud of dust behind you.

If you need support to shift fearful patterns that no longer serve, to strengthen self-belief and reinforce your resolution to act, make an appointment today.


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