Painkillers – are we killing the Messenger?

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

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Feeling Stressed?

Do you regularly suffer from muscle

aches, tension or other physical pain?

Pain as a symptom

The human body uses these symptoms to alert you to a need for action. Many people, however, take a painkiller instead of looking for causes as we live in a culture where we are often led to believe that medication is the only answer or best option for coping with physical pain[i] -yet what is the potential risk of ignoring the body’s message? This week, the use of opioid drugs has been topical with Dr Gordian Fulde[ii] discussing the risks of numbing pain and stating pain management is ‘multi-modal’ meaning we need to look beyond painkillers as a solution.

Do you keep treating same problem?

If you regularly have massages for persistent muscle tension in your neck or shoulders; have

recurring backache that has been assessed by your doctor and has no apparent physical basis; or suffer from headaches or migraines consider this: Like eastern therapies, kinesiology is based on the principle that every muscle group is related to a specific area in your body and that discomfort and dis-ease has a relative source. Through muscle testing a kinesiologist studies the many possible sources of your discomfort – whether physical, mental, or emotional stressors or even vitamin and mineral deficiencies that could placing stress on your body and mind.

Non invasive therapy

Following the information obtained from the body, the kinesiologist creates a customised, natural treatment plan to apply holistic healing techniques that address the underlying issues causing problems.

Does it work?

For many people it does. Like all new ideas, it is normal to be skeptical and ‘testing muscles’ does sound a bit odd. The good news is the results are often no less than transformational. Many clients identify significant reduction in pain at the end of the session. They state they feel calmer, relaxed or more energised. Many say they tried kinesiology as a last resort and wish they had tried it sooner.

It only takes one session to find out if it has value for you. You too can find there’s nothing to lose and much to gain. Make an appointment today and start living your best life.

Finally, kinesiology is a complementary therapy, meaning it works with other modes of health treatment and it does not diagnose or seek to replace your doctor’s advice.

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