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‘If you do not love yourself totally, wholly and fully, somewhere along the way you learned not to. You can unlearn it. Start being kind to yourself now’. Louise Hay

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Releasing what holds us back is often more than a mindset. Photo on Unsplash

Many of us read this and accept the truth in Hay's statement. This is our conscious mind in agreement, logically claiming our right to love ourselves and to treat ourselves kindly. Yet even though we know this, we may continue to feel as if we are on ‘repeat’, creating broken resolutions, negative experiences or relationships, or other experiences that aren’t kind to us. This can be even more perplexing if we have done the mental and emotional work for change, but continue to be triggered into an old pattern or seemingly irrational response.

So where do these imbalances come from?

Healing Memories of this Lifetime and Beyond.

Our Higher Self is always showing us what we need to move forward in our growth and evolution. This occurs by creating wonderful experiences that draw us towards more of the same- encouraging us to find more love, more acceptance and more tolerance. Our Higher Self also directs us through uncomfortable experiences, but often with greater intensity, to draw our attention to beliefs, behaviours or emotional imbalances that are directing us to create less than we deserve. The discomfort acts as a message, one that we have not understood as yet. And that is okay – everything comes to us in the right timing.

Our imbalances are like layers, accumulated over time. Photo by Steve Arrington on Unsplash

These hidden or sub-conscious patterns exist in a range of areas and can be healed when we are ready.

Childhood or Life Experiences

Our first experiences contribute to our belief system. Because our cognitive ability develops around 7 years, our beliefs are based on our limited logic skills and emotional responses to situations. If we feel love, we understand the world is a loving place. If we feel fear or rejection (and this can be a simple experience of a parent being too busy in the moment to respond) we begin to develop beliefs about not feeling good enough or fear being abandoned, etc.

Stressful experiences or traumas contribute to all sorts of illnesses. We may not remember that our anxiety relates to an experience we had when we were 5 years old but our body remembers. The tension we feel in our stomach can be enough to alert us to a particular historical event and the imbalance it generated. When this tests up in clinic, the body’s findings usually create awareness within the client and a resonance or memory. The beauty of energy therapies is our ability to heal and release the emotional connection to the triggers that remind us of this discomfort without revisiting the experience.

Inherited Imbalances

Our DNA is not only our physical link to our ancestral past, but also our emotional link. Trauma is not just “in your head”. We know it leaves a physical imprint on our bodies, jolts our thinking processes, changes our brains and, re-codes our DNA. Think of the range of trauma our ancestors experienced. I regularly work with ancestral energies, particularly the Irish, Scottish or British ancestries and somewhat frequently with First People’s energies. The generational impact does not come as a surprise when we consider the historical violence and traumas: wars, famines, political and religious injustices, the industrial revolution, intolerance of difference, and genocide, to list some examples. It is understandable that the emotional imbalances and traumas experienced by our ancestors created physiological change passed down to us legitimately, our inheritance if you will.

I often equate this inheritance with the junk jewellery we inherit rather than the gold watch. Just because we inherit it, does it mean we need to keep it? Not necessarily. Interestingly, scientific evidence is also confirming our ability to alter epigenetic coding in articles such as Changing Our DNA. In fact, the metaphysical reason why we choose our families, and by association our ancestors, is because the healing they require mirrors our own. Energy is everything, without time or space, moving infinitely forwards, backwards and sideways. So when we heal the ancestral issue in this lifetime, we offer energetic healing and release for our ancestors- and often descendants as well.

DNA strand
Our DNA holds more than our physical attributes. Photo on Unsplash

Beyond this Dimension

Past, future and dimensional lifetimes also hold energetic imbalances. Albert Einstein alerted humankind to what energy workers know already – we exist far beyond this 3rd dimensional plane. Einstein uncovered the fourth dimension, ‘time’, and more recently scientists confirm 10 dimensions. As an aside, energetic testing reveals many more dimensions. This knowledge is compounded metaphysically by exploration into past and future lives uncovered through our dreams, regression hypnosis (QHHT®) and other modalities.

Exploring these past lifetimes uncovers events that contribute to our energetically carried traumatic memories and imbalanced beliefs which still need healing, releasing or integrating. An interesting commonality is fear – fear of not being 'enough', being placed in the spotlight, of being undermined, the emotion of terror without any known relative event in this lifetime, the fear of being betrayed, etc, and the list goes on. These events from other lifetimes explain emotional imbalances in this lifetime. What do these lifetimes look like? It may be subservience, an oath to obey, or poverty vows relating to a lifetime in the church, a betrayal, persecution, or public humiliation (think Middle Ages) and so much more. Energetically, we have not been able to heal the emotional imbalances in that particular lifetime and so have chosen to do so in this lifetime. Again, our Higher Self is creating discomfort to alert us to what it is we are here to heal. Further, the imbalance will often be mirrored in some way by our or our ancestors’ experiences and even patterns we experience in the present as a way of magnifying its priority.

Energetic imbalances

Another way we attract imbalances is through fear and other low vibration emotions and thoughts. When we are in a low vibration, we create ‘cracks’ or tears in our auric layer, a ‘protective energy bubble’. Low vibration can be created through holding emotions such as shame, anger, rage, resentment, guilt etc. It can also be created in those who are hypersensitive to others’ emotions - the empaths among us who feel others’ pain; or those who attract it by loving deeply and seeking to ‘take’ another’s pain and suffering. These ‘cracks’ in our energetic protection open us to attracting low vibration or unhealed energy. This energy attaches because it resonates with the current emotional imbalance in the person. Once enough of this unhealed energy joins the individual, it contributes to the emotions felt by the individual. For example, when a person feels a heightened fear or overwhelming sadness, yet can think of no significant event related to the emotion.

How do we know who we truly are and what we are not?

We are not our emotions, nor our conscious mind. If these uncomfortable emotions are not truly us, then who are we? It’s straightforward: If we feel fear, anxiety, tension, anger, shame or any other low vibration sensation, we are accessing Ego and are being invited by our Higher Self to notice what needs to be healed. Our Higher Self is infinite love, infinite abundance and regards us with unwavering loving kindness. However, it will never leave what Abraham Hicks calls ‘the Vortex’, our state of Divine love and infinite abundance, to join us in emotional imbalance. So if we are feeling fear and wish to gain control of our circumstances to prevent the thing we fear from occurring, we are out of luck. The discomfort we feel is this Higher part of ourselves prompting us to see what it is we need to release to restore our Divine state. We know the right answers for ourselves when we get in touch with our own inner voice.

Woman with arms outstretched at beach
We can allow ourselves the freedom to be who we really are. Photo by Fuu J R on Unsplash

This can be through meditation, muscle testing, energy therapies and more. Regardless of what modality we choose, understand we can release limitations and allow ourselves the freedom to be who we really are.

We deserve all good, to prosper, to have joy.

We deserve infinite love.


Kinesiologist & Energy Therapist

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