Road Signs and Speed Bumps

Are you noticing the signs? Image: Jon Tyson 420512 on Unsplash

Are you aligned with your purpose?

When we are aligned with what is truly right for us – our integrity, values, gifts and talents – life flows. But when we are headed in the wrong direction- look out for the speed bumps! I like to think of it as the universe giving us a gentle (or not so gentle nudge) to redirect us to our true course.

Speed bumps ahead - slow down and take notice

Life continues to give us opportunities to redirect our journey when we are travelling down the wrong path. Think of a difficult time when one thing after the other seemed to go wrong. It may be a series of jobs that are not congruent with our integrity or values; friendship that presents relentless challenges or works predominantly in one person’s favour; a risky recreational activity that distracts our thoughts and inner voice; or even bouts of illness.

Sometimes we repeatedly attract the negative!

These negative relationships can be between ourselves and the greater community (workplace, road users, service providers), our closer networks (partner, family, friends) or with ourselves (the activities we choose, our health and whether we listen to our inner voice). Negative relationships in any of these areas can be labeled as life being unfair. Why us? How dare the distracted driver cut into our lane? Why do people always take advantage of our generosity? We're always too busy to to do something fun or relaxing for ourselves. Any of these events can be viewed as life being unfair or others abusing our goodwill, but what if these are speed bumps given to slow us down and create opportunities be make better choices?

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Are you noticing the signs? Image Roman Kraft 42141 on Unsplash

Clues in Coincidences

Happily, life also gives us road signs or clues that we are headed in the right direction. Consider that unexpected but timely meeting with someone who introduces us to others who can help us on our journey, repeated opportunities to notice the career we are destined for, a chance meeting with a like soul who makes us realise we deserve better. These are confirming signs that we are on the right path and that our life is bigger than ourselves. Life flows, actions transition into positive reactions and we move from one goal to the next with purpose and ease.

Realign to Purpose

We recognise that we need to make better choices but how do we reorient ourselves? There are some things we can do to change our subconscious programming and create the life we deserve:

  1. See yourself succeeding – energy goes where it is directed. Create a specific mental picture of yourself being successful. Visualise it every day.

  2. Cancel negatives – can’t, won’t don’t. Whenever a negative comes to mind immediately replace it with your mental image of yourself succeeding. Say ‘I can, I will, I do!’

  3. Erase obstacles. When the obstacles seem fearful and overwhelming, imagine them as a balloon and ‘pop!’ to deflate. Remember that fear and worry are nothing more tangible than hot air.

  4. Don’t be awestruck by others – model them. Or find a coach or mentor. You are surrounded by examples you can use to develop your success. Emulate the strength you see in others whether someone in your community or someone you admire but only know through media.

  5. Trust in yourself. Not sure what your strengths are? Write a list of 10 good qualities about you that you want others to admire. Treat this list as 10 reasons for confident inner love. How can others love your good qualities if you don’t?

  6. See yourself as you wish others to perceive you. You emit energy that cues and attracts others. Enthusiasm, an upright posture and thoughtful words convey a very different impression than negativity, slouching and mumbled words. You choose!

  7. Take steps and trust. Get up, get out and take steps to create the future you deserve. Action needs action – take a step on the foot of the mountain and keep going. Loosen your grip and trust that your life will move in the direction it should when you allow yourself to move beyond fear and doubt.

  8. Look for road signs – the coincidences that show you on going in the right direction and act on them.

Detour signs
Detour ahead... Image - Jamie Street on Unsplash


So what happens if we lose our way? We travel down that highway called life and find that everything feels unfair and too difficult. We have a choice to make. We can stand on the side of the road and kick our tyres, stalled, blaming others (even if they are to blame) – and make absolutely no progress towards our goals. Or we can choose to continue. Keep moving forward, go back to an earlier exit, re-read the road signs, regain our bearings and continue on.

You Got This on bitumen road
You can do it! Image Sydney Rae 40841 on Unsplash

Help Shifting Old Patterns

Our lives are a reflection of our beliefs about the world. We are given patterns as children and spend our lives creating life experiences that confirm our beliefs. Some of these patterns are negative, patterns that do not serve you. If your pattern is 'life is difficult', self-sabotage is an issue, or you find it difficult to transform ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’, consider how kinesiology can shift these patterns quickly. Make an appointment to ‘reset’ and gain a deep and unshakable belief in yourself.

You are worth it.


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