Rock Bottom - the Road back from Fatigue

Updated: May 17, 2018

What is your ideal weekend?

A weekend in the sun?

Reading a book or watching a movie uninterrupted?

A fun night out?

Oh Bed! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Image by Elizabeth Lies 670

For years mine was crawling back into bed. Not for an occasional nap but every opportunity I had to sink into sleep. I would joke and say I was having a rest to ‘read the paper’ as my leaden legs transported my exhausted body to bed. Juggling fatigue and work meant weekend naps were non-negotiable: sometimes I could make it until lunch, other days I returned after breakfast. Sheer exhaustion demanded a rest before making dinner on weeknights. There was a lot going on in my life on many levels, long working hours, family pressures, administering a business alongside a fulltime position. When I laid my exhaustion once more before my doctor, her comment was that my children weren't small, I was a teacher…why would I be exhausted?

Adrenal Fatigue

Much, much later, I finally saw a kinesiologist who coached me out of adrenal fatigue. I came to understand that overworking and pushing myself beyond my physical and emotional limits left me fighting to get things done and drained by my commitments. She helped me to understand that our energy is finite. Ignoring symptoms and pushing on despite my body’s warning signs would leave me debilitated and eventually shorten my life span.

flower pot
Broken - Image by Edu Lauton 66201 on Unsplash

Rock Bottom - inspiration for change

As with many of us, it took hitting ‘rock bottom’ to be ready to make a change. ‘Doing my own work’, that is understanding how I was operating using ‘trade-offs’ as tools to push me well beyond a reasonable work load – a life load, was not easy. So much of the journey involved visiting the limitations I created for myself with my self-imposed woulds, shoulds, and coulds. This involved letting go of what others thought or might think, strengthening my self-belief, learning how to say ‘no’, understanding the consequences of my actions, and finally realising the only person I could change was me.

A Weight lifts

It was also a journey only begun once I realised I was out of all other options.

While it wasn’t an easy road to travel, each time I ‘did my work’, faced a challenge and overcame it, I could feel the weight lift from my shoulders. Lifestyle changes were required. Some changes were adopted more readily than others, but ultimately change was no longer an option.

The magic is in you
The Magic is in You - Image by Anna Sullivan5754 on Unsplash

Peace in Acceptance of Self

Much has happened between then and now. I’m happy to say the return of energy has been accompanied by joy. A sense of peace sits alongside the understanding that we are all on our journeys. Where we are at any given time is where we need to be. Life will continue to provide the lesson until we are ready to listen – or run out of time.

heart in sand
Joy is...

If this resonates with you and you also need support to make lasting change, ask for help. Make an appointment today.

Wishing you peace


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