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auric layers
Scientific studies support the theory of energetic vibration that surrounds every unit of life.

Every vibrating unit of life, whether a cell, a plant or even a person exist within a bubble of energetic light, or aura, which completely surrounds our physical form. These layers communicate information. In humans, this occurs from the surrounding environment, through the 7 chakras and to the body itself. This exchange funnels intelligence, energy and awareness throughout the body. When balanced, we have emotional well-being and homeostasis. However, when these channels are not functioning fully or are shut down this contributes to feelings of negativity, stress, mental confusion, lethargy and eventually dis-ease.

Energy depletion

While our auric layers function as protective sheaths, similar to our skin, there are certain factors that affect our energetic health. The impact of these elements can be initially detected as emotional lows associated with extreme tiredness. We usually attribute these symptoms as related to work-life balance-family stress- diet or exercise rather than auric energetic losses.

Factors Effecting Auric Integrity - what impacts our energetic health?

  1. Negative energy fields - microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers, television and other electronic equipment, power lines

  2. Medications, alcohol abuse, tobacco, toxins, unhealthy diet, etc.

  3. Physical stress, lack of exercise, over-working, etc.

  4. Negative thought-forms

  5. Emotional stress caused by:

  • Pre-conditioning and contractual obligations to others

  • Conflict with others

  • Inappropriate attitude, intolerance

  • Control issues

  • Ego Imbalance

All these can impact the auric layers and lead to depletion through energy leakage. While some of these effects are temporary, others can become chronic and long lasting.

The 7 Auric layers

The 7 auric layers begin on the physical body and extend up to 2 metres from the body, depending on our well-being and overall health. These energy layers each reference a specific level of consciousness, has its own function and stores our energetic vibrations that relate to its specific function.

Some people are able to see auras, others can intuitively feel auras, and kinesiologists can muscle test to identify where one auric layer ends and another begins, as well as determine the state of chakras and auric layers.

To determine if negative factors are impacting your well-being, notice which auric layer may be imbalanced.

Physical body (on the body)

The physical body relates to our ‘beingness’. It is where physical health occurs through natural metabolism of chemical energies and balanced physical systems.

Imbalances: Dis-ease.

1 Etheric layer (0-5cm from the body)

The first layer connects to the first chakra, organs, glands and meridians, specifically relating to our physical health and well-being. In imbalance it presents as physical pain. The emotional layer (2nd layer communicates with the first layer, which processes the unresolved emotions into physical responses.

Imbalance: Kidneys, suprenal glands, spinal column, digestion disorders, bones, blood, immune disorders, and anxiety. To a lesser degree tension, muscle cramps and nausea can be caused by emotional pain held in the Emotional auric layer.

2 Emotional layer (5cm -10cm from body)

This layer is connected to the second chakra. It also relates to feelings, emotions and experiences as it affirms ‘I exist’. This layer is in a constant state of change as it reflects our mood. Mantras, sound healing, symbols and essences can re-establish homeostasis in this layer.

Imbalance: Unresolved negative emotions, eg, fear, resentment, and loneliness can present as overly emotional or emotionally withdrawn behaviour. Physically the reproductive, gonads and hormones may be affected.

3 Mental layer (10-30 cm from body)

The Mental third layer is connected to the solar plexus chakra, consciousness, ideas, logic, beliefs and intellect. Our mind constructs our reality, reflects our ability and develops our personality and how we learn.

Imbalance: Rigidity in thinking, too fluid, mental health and mental issues. Other imbalances include stomach, liver, gallbladder, adrenal glands, sympathetic nervous system.

4 The Astral or Bridge Layer (20cm – 30cm from the body)

This relates to the fourth chakra, love, well-being, and life balance. It is the bridge that separates the inner 3 layers which are concerned with our physical nature and presence, from the 3 outer, spiritual layers described above.

Imbalance: is indicated by issues with thymus, heart, circulatory system, cellular structure.

5 Etheric Template layer (30cm to 60cm from the body)

The Etheric Template Layer connects with the fifth chakra, and is a duplicate of the physical body on the spiritual plane. It is specifically related to sound, vibration, communication and creativity.

Imbalance: This is where we experience physical pain. Other imbalances relate to Thyroid gland, throat, jaw, lungs, vocal cord, and thymus.

6 Celestial layer (60cm to 90 cm from the body)

This layer reflects our subconscious mind and is connected to the sixth chakra. It contains memories, dreams, intuitive knowledge and unconditional love – the connection to something greater than our ego self. This is where the physical and spiritual mind connect through meditation and devotional practice.

Imbalance: Recreational drugs significantly damage this layer greatly, it will cause mental imbalance with drug abuse, also issues with poor memory, sinus , central nervous system, pituitary gland, left eye, cerebellum.

7 Spiritual or Ketheric Template Layer (75cm to 2 metres from body)

The outermost layer is connected to the seventh chakra, knowledge and possibilities. It is the link to the Divine – our oneness with the Divine (God, Allah, Buddha, Divine Spirit or whatever fits with your spiritual belief system).

Imbalance: When in an imbalanced state we believe the self is superior to others, judge others and use narcissistic behaviour. Physical imbalances include: right eye, cerebellum, pineal gland.

To clear your Auric field

Imagine a white light growing from your core and pushing outwards through all 7 layers of your aura. As the white light expands it is pushing out unwanted energies, balancing your energy and settling around your body and auric layers like a protective shield around you.

white light
White light: healing, clears toxicity, assists with purification, enhances clarity and understanding.

Strengthening your Auric field

There are a number of things you can do to strengthen your Auric field.

  • Protection from negative energy fields – use negative energy absorbing crystals such as tourmaline, jet or onyx. Wear over heart chakra and place within living spaces to absorb and protect from negative energy.

  • Alcohol, nicotine, illegal drugs, food, shopping addiction, etc are all symptom soothers used to avoid dealing with the underlying issue. Address the source of symptom soothers. See your doctor for medication and then see a kinesiologist to understand the source of the symptom.

  • Address life-work balance.

  • Change negative thought patterns to positive. Our words and thoughts create our world.

  • Release emotional stress – understand that you must fill your own energetic cup first. This is essential for your well –being and for all who rely on you. If you are not well you cannot look after yourself and you cannot look after your loved ones.

  • Understand that we cannot control our life without negatively impacting our well-being. Control means to limit and by doing so we not only limit what we fear but also restrict our ability to receive joy, love and inner peace.

  • Conflict occurs when ego (our logical thinking) is in charge. Understanding, through the knowledge embodied in our heart space, makes it clear that we are all on a journey to enlightenment and doing the best we can in the time and space that we are in. Tolerance, compassion, understanding and love- firstly for self and then for others, strengthens our auric layers and brings inner peace.

Let it go. Inner peace
Inner peace. Release. Trust.

If this article raises issues that you believe you need help to overcome, make an appointment today.

Wishing you inner peace.


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