Weight loss - tried everything? Consider this...

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Struggling to lose weight?

The problem might not be what you think.

Often people list losing weight as one of their priority goals yet when we test it, the body does not see it as a priority.

Why? How can this make sense when every body needs good health?

If we think of fat as a protective layer it starts to make sense. This layer of padding literally offers a layer of protection. A small layer, small protection – significant layers, more protection.

The question is what is being protected? If we can resolve that question, it is possible for our body to return to homeostasis or balance.

The body will not be silenced

Give thought to the person, perhaps yourself, who has tried everything – every diet, various exercise regimes, and still no maintained weight loss or worse, weight gain. Weight is merely a symptom - the body’s voice will not be silenced and we are being asked to listen.

Some even go to extreme lengths to counter weight problems with surgery. While many surgeries will be outwardly successful, think of the anecdotes of people who have had gastric surgery, lost weight and yet their bodies have later regained weight despite the procedure. Every body has innate knowledge about what it needs to be well and this is an example of the lengths it can go to make us face what needs to be addressed.

Layers of Protection

Protecting ourselves with adipose tissue (fat) can relate to suppressed emotions, trying to cover vulnerability, hurt or abuse from the past. It can also relate to feeling ‘not good enough’, stuck or a need to keep people at a distance. Excess weight is also a way of preventing our true beauty and essence from shining through and this can be due to a number of additional factors.

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Where we hold weight can offer clues as to what is going on in the body.

For example, some of the issues our thighs indicate are criticism, negative and judgmental thoughts, limited point of view, and feeling suppressed, rejected, fearful. Stomach fat can relate to feeling attacked, ‘punched in the stomach’, superior and arrogant thoughts which at times can be self-obsessed and demanding, or the opposite: feeling inferior, having difficulty expressing needs and dealing with rejection. Ribs physically protect the body’s vital organs and additional weight around the rib cage suggests a need for extreme protection from a life built on fear, limitation and control.

Losing weight - physical or emotional?

So, weight loss can be more about losing emotional weight than physical weight which explains why I’ve never had a balance where ‘weight loss’ is the priority. Rather, our bodies want us to know the impact it is experiencing when we suppress our emotions, live within our own limitations, or view the world or ourselves through a negative lens. Once the issue is addressed, the body no longer needs to protect or alert us to its needs through excess weight and is able to respond to healthy eating and exercise.

You don't have to do it by yourself

Changing old patterns that no longer serve us by ourselves isn’t always easy. Kinesiology helps release old patterns, gain clarity and create new patterns that support our well-being. If you are ready for real and lasting change, make an appointment. Start listening to your body to live your best life.


Your journey has molded you for the greater good

*Please note Kinesiology identifies and works to correct imbalances. It does not seek to diagnose. Always check symptoms with a medical doctor.

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