When Life Holds Us Back

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

How much easier would life be if you already accepted every part of yourself?

Unfortunately, our world thrives on us not feeling enough – consider the messages we are bombarded with every day. Air-brushed images look out from billboards reinforcing that nothing less than ‘perfection’ is desired. Social and film media presents an idealised version of women, and increasingly men, as we look to others and back at ourselves in judgment. We tell ourselves that there is always room for improvement and isn’t this idea reinforced in our magazines, infomercials, social media advertisements, etc?

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You are enough. Image: Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

Creating dissatisfaction

The success of this campaign to undermine self-acceptance is evidenced in the multi-billion dollar clothing, makeup, diet and corrective surgery industries. But it doesn’t stop there, with TV, film and ‘flix producing an unending idealised representation of modern life – successful career, sleek cars, iphones and Xboxes, flipped houses, happy families.

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'Perfection' images by M Spiske on Unsplash

Creation of dissatisfaction, the number one marketing tool, has a flow-on effect that is not insignificant. If we don’t accept ourselves, how can we accept others? A life of judgment and criticism is not rewarding nor healthy and creates a multitude of negative emotions that erode our well-being.

The world is mirrored to us as we see it.

When we have love and acceptance within, we look out on our world with love and acceptance of difference.

Imagine being able to lovingly accept the wrinkles shaped by life and laughter; our mummy tummies that cradled children; that each of us is an imperfect work of art and a work in progress.

We can choose to be ‘our harshest critic’, especially when we make a mistake, or treat ourselves with the empathy, compassion and acceptance we offer our best friend.

What if we reverse our thoughts of failing and embarrassment into gentle and encouraging thoughts of opportunity, a chance to learn and grow? This kindness towards self strengthens our resilience and helps us to resist reacting to negative opinions, situations and emotions.

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Letting go of negative emotions, image by F Moreno in Unsplash

What holds us back?

To achieve this acceptance and self-love we must release our unresolved negative emotions. They are powerful and contain a powerful charge. We might not be speaking about them but we (and others) can certainly feel them like a burning ember or a heavy blanket, weighing us down and holding us back.

Everything is as it is meant to be.

What if we can accept that every aspect of our lives has occurred to bring us to this time and space?

When we understand that we all have a unique view of how the world ‘is’, we understand that we create our circumstances: If we are angry, we look for the anger in situations and others; if we are fearful, we see situations to be afraid of; if we accept ourselves, we accept others.


This self-acceptance further supports accepting and understanding the different aspects of our lives. Every situation is an opportunity to learn something and grow. In fact, if we don’t learn from it, we continue to create similar situations, giving ourselves multiple opportunities to draw on our strengths, resolve an issue and continue along our journey. Not sure about this? Think of repeated poor partner choices, friendship conflicts, persistent feelings of inadequacy, or negative life situations. Should we be harsh on ourselves because we create situations that make us face our issues? Sometimes we need to really 'feel' the consequences of our choices before we are ready to make a shift - one more step along the continuum that is our journey.

Isn’t it a gift to realise we have the power to grow?

We are not meant to struggle alone. If you choose self-acceptance and need support to release negative emotions to create the inner peace you deserve, make an appointment today. See for yourself how quickly kinesiology can help release patterns that no longer serve you.

You are exactly who, what and where you are supposed to be and you are enough.


you are enough; choose; lake macquarie nsw; kinesiology; well being

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you are enough, kinesiology, lakeside, lake macquarie nsw, deserve, choose

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