Why your Chakras Matter

Chakras are not a metaphor, not complicated nor obscure. We can feel our energy field when we rub our hands together and then bring them apart a little. The sensation of tingling or heat between your hands is the energy of your aura, your life force.

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Balance your chakras, balance your energy. Image by Joshua Yu on Unsplash

Often we interpret our chakras experientially – as ‘a sense’, a ‘gut feeling’ or ‘vibe’. Our chakras are like internal wireless radio, picking up various music stations, going from rock to classical. Each chakra is tuned to a different band of energy from dense to fine.

The chakras that embody our life force are held in seven main energy centres, aligned from the crown of our head to the base of our spine. These energy bodies spin like wheels (in fact chakra, a Sanskrit word, translates as 'spinning wheel'). Each wheel is an energetic point influenced by our thoughts and feelings. These points work together to organize and regulate our energy, distributing it to keep our cells, and us, healthy.

Each chakra controls different parts of our body, having various metaphysical meanings attached. The first three lower chakras govern self-consciousness, survival and will, while the middle chakra is the centre of love, connecting the physical to the spiritual. The top three chakras direct spiritual and self enlightenment.

Chakras vibrate at their own pace, each emanating a different colour into the aura.

Taking responsibility for our well-being is essential. Emotional reactions to certain experiences that cause fear, greed, judgement and other strong negative emotions erode our cells and raise symptoms that, unaddressed, lead to illness. By learning more about the role of our chakras, we can begin to balance our energetic body to increase the power of our chakra vibrations. This increases cellular intelligence, improves energetic robustness, mental resilience and spiritual fitness.

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A Simple Explanation of the 7 Chakras

1st – Root or Base Chakra

Located at the perineum (below the base of the spine)

The base chakra is related to instinct, security, survival and represents our ability to love, accept and care for our self.

Associated with the spinal column, the kidneys, legs and colon.

Keep it healthy with loyalty to self.

Colour - Red

2nd - Sacral Chakra

Located below the navel and next to the spleen, in line with the sacrum.

The second chakra is associated with our sense of boundaries, sensations, pleasure, emotional balance and sexuality. It represents love, perception (ours and others), sensitivity and protection.

Associated reproductive organs, prostate and bladder.

Keep it healthy with the feeling of being a part of a greater whole.

Colour - Orange

3rd – Solar Plexus Chakra

Located just below the ribs.

It represents will, hope, justice and fairness, supporting self-esteem, decision-making ability and personal power.

Negativity and imbalance causes dis-ease in pancreas, spleen, stomach, liver, gall bladder and small intestine.

Keep it healthy with positivity and devotion to own well-being, which will also support healthy relationships.

Colour - Yellow

4th - Heart Chakra.

Located centrally near the heart area.

It represents peace, faith and compassion, intuition and unconditional love. This chakra is linked to the right to love and be loved, entrusting us with the responsibility of loving all creation to accept the entire world.

Associated with heart, circulatory system, arms and hands.

To keep it healthy we need devotion to self to heal and belong.

Colour - Green

5th - Throat Chakra

Located at the throat, level with the Adam’s Apple.

The 5th chakra relates to communication as it channels mental energy to mind and heart to give voice to feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Well developed, the throat chakra supports our ability to listen deeply, speak and be heard.

Associated with thryroid, hypothalamus, throat and mouth.

Keep it healthy with compassion.

Colour – Sky blue

6th - Third Eye Chakra

Located in the centre of the brain, where eyes and area just above the ears intersect.

The third eye chakra supports simultaneous awareness of our inner state and the world around us. Representing wisdom, intuition, discernment, imagination, goal and time, this chakra allows us to self-reflect and see what is important for our happiness and well-being.

Associated with the pituitary gland (or pineal gland)

Keep it healthy with humility.

Colour: Indigo or violet

7th -Crown Chakra

Outside of the physical body, just above the top of the head.

It represents beauty, spirituality, connection with Source and the right ‘to know.’ A developed crown chakra supports self-knowledge and alignment of our will with divine guidance and inspiration.

Associated with energising the upper brain.

Keep it healthy by developing patience

Colour – Light purple or indigo, or white

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You can balance your chakras. Image by Stephanie Moors on Unsplash

Tips for balancing your chakras

Usually, all the chakras are operating together, though some may function more or less optimally than others. When they are weak or out of alignment, you will commonly experience physical and emotional symptoms.

  • Meditate

  • Yoga

  • Chakra balancing crystals

  • Chakra balancing colours and foods

  • Sound – eg, My Chakra 2 App

  • Massage

  • Seek professional therapy – eg, kinesiology, reiki, cranial sacral therapy, crystal therapy, and massage with corresponding essential oils.

The benefits of balancing your chakras include increased power and stamina in your mind, body, heart and soul; more energy reserves for the activities and challenges of everyday life; less reaction to stress; less fatigue; and an overall sense of well-being.

Live your best life.


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