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Welcome to the ultimate answer-provider…your Higher Self. The part of you that knows everything about you including information about limitations and how to heal them.

Read on for transformation!

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In clinic, we regularly look at what is creating mental, physical or emotional limitation or confusion in a person’s life. These may include sabotage programs – sometimes created by past life contracts or vows, programs that hide beneath undesirable life patterns. Others wonder at the message behind certain dreams or even sleep paralysis. Sometimes people are experiencing an emotion such as grief or anxiety, yet cannot identify a specific event in their life that could provide a reasonable explanation. Sometimes people are seeking to understand why a physical symptom is not consistent or why they suffer pain yet doctors are unable to find an explanation.

As a kinesiologiest and energy therapist I regularly access the Higher Self (the part of us that exists beyond our conscious mind) to provides clues about conditions we experience in this lifetime. This includes physical and emotional/mental symptoms which are the body’s way of communicating imbalance. These imbalances can come from a range of sources: Past lives, present lifetime, future lives, ancestral lives, and so on.

For those of you who have experienced kinesiology, you will be familiar with the muscle testing that leads us to this information and to what is needed to heal the imbalance. This in itself is fascinating and effective method of adjusting the emotional, physical, spiritual imbalances that create discomfort.

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So imagine my excitement when I discovered that a form of hypnotherapy could be used to allow the Higher Self to speak directly through the client! To explain where the imbalance occurred, to heal the imbalance that created the condition.

This unique form of hypnosis known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy ®, was established by Delores Cannon in the 1960s. This advanced form of hypnosis is used to release, heal and change internal discord, allowing the body to achieve homeostasis or optimal conditions for self-healing.

Using QHHT®, you are guided to a state of trance using gentle visualisation. This is similar to meditation or the state just before you fall asleep or drift into wakefulness. While in this mode we have access to our Higher Selves (also referred to by Cannon as the Sub-Conscious or Unconscious Mind) – the part of us that knows everything about us and is always present. As carefully documented by Cannon and her practitioners worldwide, it can be concluded that we all have a Higher Self that holds the answers to any question we have about ourselves and the life we are living. By accessing the Higher Self we can unlock the doors that hold information about key experiences in every lifetime that may be holding us back from living fully in this lifetime.

The Higher Self, a part of Source energy, has access to infinite knowledge and will often identify the source of mental or physical ailments in past lives or lessons being learned in this present lifetime. Once an imbalanced (karmic) event is healed or the present lifetime’s lesson is understood, the body no longer needs to retain the symptoms that were designed to get the person’s attention.

If you are curious about your life purpose; wish to explore, confirm or release other lifetimes; are on your path to self-healing; seek guidance about your wellness; wish to connect with guides/those who have passed; or wish to connect with your Higher Self - contact me to discuss a session.

Love and light


*QHHT ® is powerful, yet makes no guarantee. Change will occur unless it interferes with the goals of your lifetime.

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